Stroud Rugby 140 Club

Stroud Rugby 140 Club

To celebrate Stroud Rugby's 140 years, the club is launching the 140 Club.

What is it?

The 140 club is a vital source of club funds, where by members pay into a lottery, and have the chance to win monthly prizes. The draw will take place on the 15th of each month. The prize money will be 25% of the funds received for the 1st name drawn and 10% for the second name drawn. Once membership of the 140 club has reached 140 the prize money will be increased to £140 for the 1st name drawn and £70 for the second name drawn.

What is the money used for?

Any income that comes from the 140 club is transferred back into club funds, and will be used to assist in the payment of such things as clubhouse/ground improvements and our ever increasing mini/junior section.
Future plans for refurbishments and the like will again be part funded by the 140 club accounts.

How do I join?

Complete both sections of the 140 Club application form (below) and return it to: Mrs Nicky Gamble, 53 Regent St, Stonehouse,GL10 2AA

Who runs it?

Mrs Nicky Gamble has kindly agreed to run the 140 club and maybe contacted at the above address or at

Nicky can also explain how you can set up a standing order, so you need never miss the chance to win again!

What are the rules?

Full details of the rules of the 140 club can be found on the attached document.

Please support our 140 Club!


Stroud Rugby 140 Club Application Form